Here is a list of a few of our services

Some of the services we offer

Surveillance for many types of investigations such as Domestic, Child Custody, Insurance Fraud, Slip & Fall, Auto Accidents and Loss Prevention cases. These cases can be the most dramatic and gratifying investigations today. The purpose of such an investigation is to document the truth. Using today's sophisticated surveillance equipment; an individual's activities can be documented at home, work and/or on the road. Our Investigators use time proven techniques and have completed thousands of successful surveillance cases. Both traditional and covert HD video equipment is used as each individual situation dictates. As with all our investigations, a detailed written report and video is provided. Please feel free to contact us for further information.

We pride ourselves on our Locating and Skiptracing investigative results. Our investigative experience since 1986 has enabled us to locate individuals that at times seem almost impossible to find. For example, our office has been very successful in locating Witnesses, Missing Persons, and Individuals for Law Firms, Corporations, and Financial Institutions. SLK has a very high success rate within our Locate/Skiptracing investigations.
We handle a wide array of Slip & Fall and Premises Liability Investigations. We are able to work on both sides of these types of cases to remain neutral and to provide an unbiased outlook on all Slip & Fall and Premises Liability Investigations. We work on behalf of insurance companies and attorneys retained to defend against Slip & Fall and Premises Liability Investigations, as well as plaintiff attorneys representing individuals who are victims of a Slip & Fall or Premises Liability injury.